Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rewards Points

Well, well. I have finally hopped on board the rewards / loyalty bandwagon. Yes, we help our clients set up such programs. And yes, I am part of some store and credit card programs, but only in the “automatically enrolled then forget about it” sense of participation.

Well, tonight, my accumulated forgotten rewards have proven their worth. Between rewards redemptions and online shopping, my Christmas shopping is 99% done and I never even had to leave my computer.

On Black Friday, I burned up my keyboard on a couple great online sales and scored a couple awesome, fantabulous gifts that I forgot to have shipped to the correct state, so I'll be doing some wrapping and packing.

At work, I learned the rewards program attached to our Health Savings Accounts is changing and we need to redeem points (which I would have been fully cognizant of, had I actually read the statement telling me my points balance). I visited the rewards site and cashed in my points for a crazy little item that will be arriving soon. Then, I visited my credit card account, and thanks to redeeming all the points from my airfare home for the past five years ... Christmas gifts!

I was so excited about my progress, I of course, posted a Facebook status update, and a few minutes later, a friend sent me a message about a great Good Morning America Steals and Deals special available today only. And BAM! Three more gifts knocked out, being shipped directly to the recipients. The only weird part with that one is they’ll arrive super early because I didn’t want to pay an extra shipping charge for them to arrive two weeks later during the prime delivery period.

This may well be the sixth sign of a Christmas miracle! (The fifth sign was my being the second person to list a dish on the sign-up sheet for the office Christmas potluck.)

Usually, I haven’t even busted out paper and pen to make a list, and now, the calendar has not even hit December and I’m nearly done! And the only time I visited the mall was to go to the movies the night of Black Friday.

Now I can kick back, relax and watch some more Christmas movies.

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