Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweet Thanks

This Thanksgiving Boyfriend and I went to Virginia to spend the holiday with his Mom and two of his sisters and their boyfriends. A Scrabble Tournament, lots of peace and quiet, amazing food. I think we had one laptop per person in a totally wi-fi house. A good time all around. And in addition to the lovely time and the interesting companionship I received a gift.

Rescuing me from my plight (aka responding to my whining) of the absence of sweet potato fries in the Clarksville area, Boyfriend’s mom brought me a bag of sweet potato fries. And another friend has sent me creamy chicken ramen through a handoff worthy of a sports award (her to mom to dad to brother-in-law). I know some great people.

Tonight, I dined on a plate of sweet potato fries. Baked at 400 degrees for 15 minutes of excrutiating, tantalizing anticipation. Lightly salted. It was heaven. Thanks, Thea!

And as soon as I remember to pull into the computer shop instead of whizzing by it twice a day at 40 mph, I’ll be enjoying that ramen and thanking Rebecca.

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