Sunday, November 23, 2014

Building Strength

Nodding off again. It's 8:47 pm and I've been trying to stay awake since 6:30.
I got home from work today, ran errands with Mom, and even though it was a rather warm day,  I couldn't get warm. Not a good sign.  Then the fatigue hit, and had me trying to convince myself to either have a nap or not.
The chills and tiredness are often my harbingers of illness, often accompanied by hypersensitive skin. Fortunately, I was spared the sensitive skin thing. So far, anyway.
This would be a very bad week to be sick, with the holiday shopping season kicking into gear and culminating in Black Friday, the Queen Mother of all shopping days.
My goal for the early part of week is to hang on through my closing shift Tuesday night, my reward is two days off.
I aim to make it to Wednesday, when I can vegetate for most of the day and with luck,  the most strenuous decision will be what to watch on Netflix. I'll need the day to build the strength to endure a busy Thanksgiving day. If I can pull off my day of solitude,  I will be grateful.


  1. I will hope that you get your day of solitude. :)

    If in doubt, always choose the nap.

  2. Naps are great. When I rule the world, everyone will be allowed to block out time for a nap.