Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life's Sentences

“This dog goes to animal control.” He’s sentenced to a cage with some other dogs and has a mug shot posted on PetFinder. He’s spotted by a couple considering adding a dog to the household. Instant love on the part of the female of the couple. And voila! The sentence has been transferred to a brick ranch home with nicer accommodations. Doggy wins.

“We have a dog.” Negotiated sentence of shared responsibility for food, water, potty, play time. The reward is a creature to dote on and a feeling of family. Everyone wins.

“We are breaking up.” Half the couple is sentenced to a life of single pet-parent responsibility including hefty vet bills. But the rewards are endless cuddling, companionship, kisses, playing, Kong toys underfoot, a living creature to babble to incessantly. I win.

“Moose needs a friend.” Restless wandering over to PetFinder thinking maybe there is another doggy needing a sentence commuted. Hmmmm…

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