Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sexy Things

This past weekend, my eyes were privileged to behold one of the sexiest sights I have ever had the good fortune to behold live and in person. The magnitude, the glory, the sheer magnificence of it was truly breathtaking.

My vision took place on Saturday morning, which started out like any ordinary Saturday morning, with me fighting the awakening, desperate for more sleep but unable to achieve it, finally conceding defeat, slipping out of bed and putting on a pot of coffee. Junior had already quietly arisen from his bed, crept with the stealth of a ninja out of his room and downstairs to play video games. I settled onto the couch to practice poor posture and check my far too numerous email accounts and Facebook updates to see what had transpired in my cyber world over the past ten hours since my last check on things. Because it was Saturday, I would be heading to yoga class, but that was still a couple hours away.

When Boyfriend got up, he did his usual ‘wake up’ activities – smoke a cigarette out on the porch, grab a cup of coffee, head to the office off the kitchen to check on his own cyber world. Then he started cooking breakfast – bacon and scrambled eggs. All was peaceful and normal in the household. And then, after breakfast, things got interesting.

From my perch in the living room, laptop balance on my crossed legs, I could see Boyfriend in the kitchen rummaging around in the cabinets with cleaning sprays, scrub pads and paper towels. I conducted a brief (remote) orientation to the kitchen cleaners under the sink and the bathroom supplies in the bathroom closet which was less a guided tour and more of me barking coordinates from the couch. “bottom shelf, bathroom closet next to the paper towels," and "under the sink, on the right hand side. No, the right hand side…..”

And the next thing I knew, that hunk of manliness was in the shower getting intimate with the tile, going all sassy on the soap scum. This is the category of work I refer to as “invisible work” because when it’s done regularly, you don’t notice it, and when it’s not done, you may not notice for a while, then suddenly one day, it’s a case of “ewwwww…..when did that happen?”

He started his mission before I left for the gym, and finished while I was gone. On my way out, I popped into the bathroom to thank him for busting his butt, because lately, he has become a major player in the upkeep of the household. The yard was his territory (he can mow and mulch like a landscaper and his chain saws skills are stupendous), but lately he’s been taking his A-game inside, too. He’s always made the bed better than I do, so when he does it, it looks like hotel housekeeping just visited or maybe a drill sergeant is on his way. He’s been visiting the grocery store and throwing down some great meat meals. Even with his musical talents and his abilities in the visual arts, this act – cleaning the bathroom, was still quite possible the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen him do. I’ve seen him in a shirt and tie. He has some casual outfits that can still stop me in my tracks. But he has never looked sexier than when he was in a wife-beater tee shirt and wielding the tub and tile spray. Oh, baby.

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  1. gotta laugh! I mean roll on the floor laugh - this is NOT the Wade Byker that lived in my house for 18 years! Oh yea, it was the stint in Commonwealth Challenge and then the USMC that solidified housekeeping skills! I tried, believe me, I tried!